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How to keep safe online

A.To keep safe online you need to play age appropriate games that are suitable for you.

B.Another thing to keep safe online is to never talk to strangers online because you never know if they are tricking you or if they are just pretending.

C.You should never ever share your perssanol information to strangers that you have never met or seen.

D.If someone sends you a nasty massage you should never delete it. You should screen shot it and show it to a adult you trust.

E.If you want to post a picture you should never do it of your self or in your school uniform because a stranger might find out what school you go to.

My favourite animal

This is my favourite animal .I would love to have it as a pet. These creatures live in the antarctic in a very cold place. They have white fluffy skin to keep them warm and they eat lots of fish.


Today I have createated my very first blog post. I am very excited ans will be teling you what fun events are coming up.

How to keep safe online.

1.You should also never show somebody your pictures of you in your school uniform or you at  your favourite  park.


2.You can keep safe online by not telling anybody your private information such as were you live or what school you go to.


3.If you have butterflies in your stomach or you feel that something is wrong then tell a adult.

How to keep safe online

To keep safe online follow these simple rules below:

  1. Never tell a person private information.
  2. If you have a bad feeling in your tummy then you should tell someone you trust.
  3. If someone is saying something mean to you the make sure that you tell a adult.
  4. If someone is asking personal information then don't reply back to them.
  5. If you don't want to tell a adult then you could press C.E.O.P or hector.
  6. You should never send anyone who you don't trust a photo of you wearing your school uniform.
  7. You should never tell anyone how old you are.
  8. Also never tell anyone where you live or what school you go to.

       Click the link below and it will tell you about how to keep safe online:

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